Solar Energy for a Colder Future

Photo Essay of Tahoe Solar Designs' Projects

Roof-Mounted Grid Tied Photovoltaic Systems

Solar Electricity (PV) & Hot Water


Ground Mounted Grid-Tied PV System

Parking Lot Lighting (off grid)              


Pole Mounted Panels

5 kW PV system 

 Ground Mounted PV

         Photo Eye for Tracker


Ground Mounted PV 


 Roof-Top PV  

Building Integrated Solar Shingles 

Off-Grid Sign Lighting




Batteries for off-grid applications


Grid-Tied Inverter 


Storage tanks in shed out back                         


 Ground Mounted PV

Roof-Top PV 

 Grid-Tied Inverter and Meter

Solar hot water evacuated tubes hung vertically on the wall 




 Inverter and Disconnects


Solar Electricity      Solar Hot Water         Home

Pole Mounted Grid-Tied PV 

Solar Hot Water 


Dual Inverters



Roof Mount PV System 


Solar Space Heating 



2 kW grid-tied PV system 



Wireless Monitor



 Hot Water Collector




 Ground mounted PV


Ground mounted PV 


Off-Grid Inverters and Controls 


Ground Mounted PV


Domestic Solar Hot Water Collector 




Tracking PV System


Inverters and Disconnect