Tahoe Solar Designs

Tahoe Solar Designs                           Solar Energy for a Colder Future

Tahoe Solar Designs creates sustainable solar energy solutions

for residential and commercial customers.


 We specialize in photovoltaic (solar electricity) systems and solar

hot water.

Photovoltaic systems  can be either grid-tied systems where the

power grid is effectively used for energy storage (and your meter runs 

backwards), or off-grid systems where batteries are used to store the

solar energy until it is needed.



Solar Hot Water systems can range from small systems that

cover a household's domestic hot water needs to large systems that 

include radiant heating.


 When these solar energy systems are installed, you can significantly

 reduce your demand for utility-generated energy and produce your own

 clean, renewable energy.



Tahoe Solar Designs has been operating in the

Lake Tahoe Basin and Carson Valley since 2001.



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